Frequently Asked Questions

Most catering questions can be answered below

Every event will be a little different based on specific variables.  The quote involves the travel distance from one of our central hubs, length of service, the amount of people being served, and how many different flavors you want  to provide your guests/employees.  Packages start at $700.  The bigger the party the cheaper the services become per person.  The fastest way to get this price is to inquire for a quote here.
Generally, our staff will get to and respond to every quote request after 24 business hours. That means we may not get to quotes that come in on weekends until the following Monday.
We can bring our full-service gelato bar as far south as Orange County and as far north as Ventura.
No minimum size party. However, all of our catering services start at $700 regardless of party size.
We do not cater on any major US federal holiday.  This includes New Years, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Independence Day (3rd, 4th, 5th), Christmas, Christmas Eve, Labor Day, and Memorial Day.
We have many customers from all walks of life.  Half of our clients have booked us for birthdays, weddings, open houses, and special events.  The other half are corporate events, staff appreciations, and company parties.
First you must inquire for a quote here, then once you accept, we will send you an invoice.
All catering bookings include setup, service, cups, spoons, our famous wafers, breakdown, and an awesome experience.
We recommend booking at least 1 week in advance.  However, the earlier you book your catered event, the better because available dates fill up quickly.

Events requested within 2 business days of planned serving is considered a Last Minute Event. Any event request made after 3PM will be considered for the next business day.

Last minute event requests are subject to a service fee. Since our gelato is made-to-order, the fee will cover emergency ingredient sourcing, last-minute prep, and additional labor costs to ensure your event’s success.

Event requests within 2 business days from scheduled service will be considered a last minute event request.  Event requests made AFTER 3PM on a business day will be considered for the next business day. Call us before 3PM to ask for a quote.

There is a service fee for all last minute events.

Since our Gelato is typically made-to-order, the fee will cover all emergency ingredient sourcing, last minute prep time, and extra labor costs to ensure that your event is a success.

No. We feel tips are to be earned. So if you enjoyed our services, we would be more than happy to accept tips.

And if you are wondering how much to tip, the Standard Gratuity Rate is 18% for weddings and other catered events. However, we say tip us what you think we deserve.

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