Debut Catering

Highlight your cotillion with a little bit of flavor

Let’s Make Your Debut, THE Debut!

Let us help you make your debut one to remember!

We totally get the importance of a debut. It’s totally the biggest party to date in your life.


So let’s kick it up a notch and make your party bigger than life. Pop Up Gelato LA is a new and fresh idea that I’m sure none of your friends have seen or tried before.

We use traditional ingredients and make classic flavors. The only difference is presentation. And that’s what debut’s are all about – to celebrate your rich culture, while bringing in elements of who you are today.

Hire our debut catering team today.


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Perfect for the Entire Family

Pop Up Gelato LA is for everyone. We all know that debuts bring together family & friends of all ages. Luckily, we have something for each of your guests! From children-friendly cookie gelato to adult-favorite pistachio.

Modern & Classic Styles

We promise we won’t be sight for sore eyes. Our setup is clean, modern, and fun! Check it out for yourself. It’ll add that fun touch that you’ve been looking for. Once you see it, you’ll know that we were what was missing from your debut.


How to Hire Our Gelato Bar

1) Choose the Flavors

Reserve a tasting or let us help you choose the right flavors for your event.

2) Book Your Date

Available dates fill up fast. So book early to put a hold on your date.

3) Enjoy the Show

We take care of everything else. Just sit back and relax.